About me

I started triathlon as a way of getting some fitness back after having my first son. I soon grew excited about doing different events and built up my distance until I had completed Ironman Wales, I then made it my goal to qualify for Kona and raced there in 2017. An experience I’ll never forget!

I started my coaching business in 2014, after completing my coaching qualification. The people that I work with, tend to be busy individuals, often with a family, and are trying to do something that they love while keeping a life balance. I help them by providing a structure to their training and adapting this as needed.

Some of the things I love about coaching are:

Getting to know a range of people, and what makes them tick.

Empowering individuals to have confidence in themselves.

Creative planning so that athletes can achieve a balance in their life and triathlon

I am particularly interested in how women perform in sport, and the differences between them, hormonally and psychologically.

People sometimes ask me what LTR stands for, it stands for love the rain. You need to love the rain, (pain, hard times) to enjoy life.

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