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The mystery of Mary Sage solved!

More detective work

I obviously need to get a life, (or maybe buy a TV!) because when I received a newsletter from Triathlon 220 saying that Lucy Gossage had won The Gauntlet at Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon, I checked Mary Sage’s Strava account to see if there was a QOM on the course…There was, and it corresponds with Lucy Gossage’s time.

The run section

The run section

The results

The results

So my evidence collected so far is;

  • Mary Sage had a bike time the same as the winner of Ironman Wales 2013.
  • Mary Sage was previously called “have a banana”
  • Mary Sage had a run time the same as the winner of The Guantlet
  • Mary Sage had a run time the same as the winner of Outlaw Half
  • I had hits on my site from Australia from someone searching “Mary Sage Triathlon” on the day before the race, and also every day after for 3 days.




I finally solved the mystery. The odd one out here is Outlaw Half, so I checked out the bike course from Outlaw. Mary Sage was QOM on the Outlaw full bike leg last year. I looked up the results and Lucy Gossage had competed the bike leg as part of a relay team, I also checked Outlaw half results and found that the same team had competed, she must have done the run leg, and the time corresponded with the team. So there we are, my detective work complete! Mary Sage is Lucy Gossage (there is even a sage in both their names!) I have requested to follow, but received no response so far, not surprising!

Ill kids

Devon was off school this week with a cold, so I had to reschedule my swim for early on Wednesday, I don’t know what is worse about having ill kids

  1. Being kept up all night having to change sheets, listening to the coughing, and turfing them out of your bed.
  2. The fact that you have to stay at home with them all day, and miss out on training.
  3. Or the sense of impending doom that you might be next to come down with “the lurgy”

Time trial PB

I did the Neyland Time trial on Wednesday this week and had a PB on that course 26.11, my previous was 26.22, so I was very pleased with that, especially as my legs felt terrible in the warm up, you never can tell. I didn’t have my power meter, unfortunately, as I missed the courier so no numbers for me to crunch :-( But I now have my new crank so will be able to make up for it, hopefully the power drop outs will have gone, but I have just researched that it could actually be the Garmin that is the problem, Technology eh?

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 17.41.08 Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 17.41.42





Who is Mary Sage?

Mary Sage the phantom strava stalker??

I have had notifications in the past that I have lost my QOM to Mary Sage. I have a theory that this is a phantom Stava user, or maybe a pro who doesn’t want to be known, but after some investigation I don’t think that the latter is the case!

The time that was posted for the Outlaw half run route was the “winning” time in the race. Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.01.34


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.02.08

Last year I lost some QOM’s on the Ironman Wales course. The time that was posted for the full Ironman loop was the same as the winning bike time on Ironman Wales. Cat Faux won Half Outlaw, and Lucy Gossage won Ironman Wales, and nobody else got the same times as they had on the courses. Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.05.46

When I did an athlete search for Mary Sage, this came up…

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 13.08.54

ooh mysterious, I should probably request to follow her, that would be the next stage in my stalking 😉

I suppose what people can take away from this is not to become fixated on Strava, and to just enjoy it, while taking it with a pinch of salt!

I have now solved the mystery and posted about it here!

More analysis and some ideas for my next race

The Half Outlaw results are now finalised and have gender and age group positions for all 3 disciplines, which I find really useful. The positions were as follows:


Gender position 31st Category position 10th


Gender position 24th Category position 10th


Gender position 8th Category position 3rd

It shows me that, again, I relied on my strong run to move up some places. I think this is probably something I could learn from. The run is always shorter than the bike so I haven’t got as much time to overtake if people have passed me on the bike, so I think I need to push it more on the bike. This is hard for me psychologically because I still see myself as a runner, and like to do a decent run time.

It is also interesting to see that although I haven’t been doing the run training that I wanted to, my running is still my strength, so I’m not going to worry too much about improving my running! My targets, then, for the next few months are to improve my biking and not hold back as much. Maybe I should have followed those women after all!!