Group coaching is now open

Starting on January 18th 2021

£43/month group coaching.

I’m really excited to be launching the first women’s group coaching for triathlon this September, and this is why…..

Most triathlon coaches and athletes are male, so a lot of the information and training philosophies come from looking at things through a male lens.

BUT women have different bodies, needs, fears and frustrations.

My passion is helping women athletes get stronger, more empowered, and understanding of their bodies, and minds.

In November 2019 I took the Dr Stacy Sims, “women are not small men” course, and I will also be learning on her menopause course in early August.

I have been implementing tracking with female athletes, since 2015, so that they can learn how to adapt and work with their bodies.

And I know that helping athletes on a monthly basis is the best way for them to progress, and implement what they have learned.

My group coaching, includes membership to a community, and resources that are female specific.

The group will follow training plans set by me, which will be geared towards completing an event in 2021. You can choose whatever event you like, although I can give recommendations if you need any!

I am creating a space where we can…

  • Train for specific events, getting fitter and faster.
  • Have a space to ask the questions that women want to know about in a safe environment.
  • Implement changes in nutrition, and fuelling for training, which are relevant to your stage of life.

AND so much more

It’s still in the early stages.

BUT you can see the potential.

I’m really excited about where a community dedicated to female athletes, could lead us in 1 year, 3 years or 5 years from now.

It’s the progress we would all make in our triathlon journey – that’s what fires me up.

I want you to become the strong and fearless athlete that you are meant to be.

And you can join the waitlist TODAY

Here’s to your success and here’s to the success of our new community!