Premium coaching

Premium coaching

Premium coaching is for you, if you have a race/races coming up, and you need guidance and advice. You want to be the best that you can be. Your plan will be tailored to fit in with your lifestyle, you will have regular feedback, and your plan can be adapted at any time to fit in with any changes that may happen. This plan also includes analysis of data from power meters etc. For women this also includes planning using the fitr woman app to help inform your training.

Initial Consultation

Before we meet I will send you an athlete questionnaire. We will use the answers from that questionnaire in our initial consultation in order to set realistic goals based on your experience and lifestyle.

Session planning and goal setting

I will help you to set realistic goals for events that you are targeting. I will advise on any races that may or may not be appropriate. We will look at your main events profile and tailor your training so that you arrive in peak fitness for your main event. I will provide detailed session plans for each workout.

Personal training plan

I will put together a detailed plan delivered via Training Peaks, that will maintain and build on your strengths, and improve on the areas that are challenging to you. The plan will be sustainable, designed to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments, including a comprehensive strength and conditioning plan. A Training Peaks Premium account is included in this plan.


I will give you feedback on key sessions by, email/instant messaging, depending on what suits, and I will arrange a monthly feedback call. You can message me anytime within the hours of 8am-6pm if you need clarification on sessions etc. I will look at the data that you have provided me with, and analyse it in order to help us plan the next block of your training, and decide how you need to develop.

Updates to plans

I believe a training plan must work with your lifestyle, you may encounter setbacks, or find that you can fit in more, or less training than you initially thought. It is important that we communicate effectively so that I can update your plan as needed based on the information that you provide me with, and with the feedback that I give you.

Race Planning

Planning for a key race is an often neglected, but important part of your training. I will help you to put together detailed race plans that will help you to focus and have success racing.

Nutritional advice

I believe nutrition is an important part of your training and racing. We will work together to put together nutrition plans for your key races, and I can advise on other aspects of your daily nutrition that you may need help with.


Testing is a great way to track changes in fitness, and provide you with some motivation. We will arrange benchmark testing to find out where you are now, and continue to re-evaluate based on subsequent tests.


£120 per month. Payment is either by bank transfer, cheque, or cash.

Contact me here if you are interested in Premium coaching