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Kicking back, and relaxing

Transition and the off season

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No data has been entered for 5 weeks!

Since ironman Wales I have been pretty busy, and I had a cold for about 2 weeks. Its taken a while but I have relaxed into the minimal activity that I have been doing! I have started planning next season, I’m feeling pretty relaxed about next year though. Meanwhile here are some of the things that I have been up to and enjoying again in the last 5 weeks;

Going to a wedding

I had a cold unfortunately but enjoyed eating, drinking and camping in the New Forest, beautiful…


Or attempting to, not ideal conditions the times I’ve been out, but have had fun splashing about in the sea.


Windy and cold in my ancient wetsuit!

Cycling with my husband

My husband has bought a road bike, so I have been showing him a few routes.

Cooking, cooking, and more cooking

Lots of baking, and experimenting has been going on in my kitchen.

Mushroom hunting

My oldest boy has developed an obsession with identifying mushrooms, which has meant lots of foraging in the woods.



Not edible, but interesting.

The big smoke

As a surprise for my husbands “special” birthday I took him to London. We had a great time wandering around Brick Lane, eating and drinking, and made a special visit to Nopi, which was fantastic, I even saw Ottolenghi at the bar and got a bit star struck. I wanted to go and say hi but by the time I had decided to go over he was leaving, (let that be a lesson!) We spent the next evening watching 3 back to back surf films at The London Surf Film Festival which was a real treat for us.

A bit more bike maintenance

I have been meaning to get my mountain bike gear cables changed, so I did that and then went out on my road bike. The gear cable snapped for the rear derailed, and I had to cycle home in a very hard gear, ouch (luckily it happened at the end of the ride). I investigated and have bought a new derailler, and shifters 🙁 It is now in quarantine in the garage! I am suddenly desperate to get out on my bike, so I had to go off road this week, which is no bad thing!

My lovely bike, needing repair

My lovely bike, needing repair

 Launching my website

I have spent far too much time in front of a computer setting up my website, but I think its looking good, here is a link, and take the time to like my Facebook page if you haven’t already 🙂




B****y bearings

After my great sense of achievement replacing my BB and chainset, I thought I would do another job that I’d been putting off, replacing my headset bearings.

tried to re-grease them, but they are pitted and rusty

tried to re-grease them, but they are pitted and rusty

Its a very easy job, except that nobody would sell me the bearings! I tried 2 shops which I will call shop A and shop B. In shop A I had already had success in buying bearings for my husbands mountain bike, buoyed up with my fortune I took my road bike bearings in and asked if they had any. I was told that the man who knew where they were was not there, and they took my details to call me. I dropped in the next day and was told that he had not had time to look for them, and I could have them back if I wanted. I assumed that meant they couldn’t be bothered.


My next stop was shop B, they told me that they could order some, so I left the bearings there and they called me later on and told me that they had some that might fit, but I would have to bring my bike in to check. Now call me stubborn but I did not want to take my bike in. I knew how to do the job and wanted to do it myself. I went in the next day (without my bike) and bought the bearings, (which did not fit!) they must have known that they wouldn’t fit as he measured them with a micrometer, however he only measured the exterior diameter and not the interior one. He said that if they didn’t fit I would have to take my bike in, a recurring theme!

The wrong size!

The wrong size!

So I went online and found the bearings that I needed, they arrived 2 days later from Tweeks cycles, and I now have a lovely smooth headset, I only wish I’d done that myself to start with. However, several days later I had a call from “shop A” to say that the bearings were now in stock!! Typical.new bearings

new bearings

Bike mechanics

Power meter

I have been meaning to invest in a power meter for a few months, but couldn’t decide which one to go for. Finally I decided on a stages power meter, but first I needed to change the chain set on my road bike, as it wasn’t compatible with the power meter, cue female panic!

I have started setting up my bike on a bike stand in front of the computer for jobs like this so that I can get advice straight away when I get stuck with something, it works well for me.

Whenever I decide to do some bike mechanics I have a little voice in my head that tells me I don’t know what I’m doing, and I can’t do it, because I’m a woman (ridiculous, but what we’re told by society every day). Anyway I managed it, and had a brilliant high from doing the job, I was very proud of myself! So for any women put off doing a bike job, its really not that hard, although I did have to wait until Milo was full time in school so that I could actually concentrate for a few hours (yes it did take me that long!) Can’t wait for the power meter to be delivered now! Afterwards I did a bit of cooking to balance the Yin to my Yan!! 😉 you can see here on my other blog.

Bike storage

One of the hazards of keeping my bikes in the garage, is that when my husband does some sanding, (which he is quite partial to!) my bikes get covered in sawdust, but I was quite shocked today when I discovered that my TT bike has also got cobwebs on! Not a good look…

The spiders have been at work
The spiders have been at work
In retirement
In retirement

Covered it up today with a plastic bag.