Expert Triathlon Coaching

Expert Triathlon Coaching

Are you looking for Expert Triathlon Coaching?

From a coach who understands your unique female physiology?



• Are you overwhelmed by advice, and struggling to adapt your training plan to fit your lifestyle?

• Do you end up confused about what to prioritise, and playing “catch up”?

• Are you looking for more than a “one size fits all” approach?

• Are you a female athlete who wants specific woman-centered advice, from a coach who understands female physiology?

• Are you looking for Triathlon Coaching that gets you the best results?


Celia can help.

How we do it.

Love The Rain Coaching methodology






I used the plan Celia provided and managed to get a PB by over an hour in Ironman Wales

“Working with Celia has given me has given me a different perspective on training and competing in endurance events. She has helped me to see the importance of quality over quantity, and that rest days are just as important as training days. Before I would struggle with rest days and would feel the pressure of not training, and end up going out for a long ride or run. This had a negative effect, physically and mentally on my performance.
I used the plan Celia provided and managed to get a PB by over an hour in Ironman wales and did not exhaust myself.

With her positive attitude, wise words and experience I would definitely recommend the service. I will be using her training plans for any future endurance events I enter”.

Sara Gillett: Ironman Wales competitor

Working with me, you will get a highly individualised plan and feedback.

I take each athletes whole life into consideration when writing a plan, including their age and gender. Did you know that 95% of training advice is based on research done on younger men?

In 2019, and 2020, I completed the first Dr Stacy Sims course “Women Are Not Small Men”, and also the first “Menopause For Athletes” course.

Being a female athlete myself I wanted to understand more about how female physiology affects us in training, and I apply my knowledge to the athletes that I coach, so that they can get the best from themselves.

I can also advise on nutrition issues, this is an often neglected part of training that can have huge effects on your progress.

If you are a woman, I use the FitrCoach app to monitor your menstrual cycle, and use this to inform training.

I have worked with a range of great people and helped them to get faster, and stronger. The athletes who have worked with me have achieved their goals, and enjoyed the process, but don’t take my word for it, read what they say here.

I’d love to chat with you, to discuss your goals


Be the best that you can be

Be the best that you can be

About LTR coaching

“You need to love the rain, (pain and hard times) to really enjoy, and experience living,” says Iron-woman, and Love The Rain (LTR) founder Celia Boothman.

LTR coaching was launched in 2014 and provides a structured approach to training and nutrition for busy people who are balancing doing what they love, with family and work life.

LTR coaching helps people to achieve their triathlon goals, whatever their starting point.

Celia Boothman is a Kona competitor with a passion for best performance in sport and life. She lives, works and trains in Pembrokeshire, the home of Ironman Wales, and will soon be launching a range of training weekends in the area to help athletes preparing for multisport events, with a focus on planning, nutrition, and eating right for long distance events.

If you’re interested in training weekends, contact Celia now.

Celia’s story:

“I started triathlon as a way of getting some fitness back after having my first son. I soon grew excited about doing different events and built up the distance until I had completed Ironman Wales. I then made it my goal to qualify for Kona, and raced there in 2017. You can read about my experience here. It was a day I’ll never forget!”

What I love about Coaching:

Getting to know a range of people, and what makes them tick.

Empowering individuals to have confidence in themselves.

Creatively planning training, so that athletes achieve the right balance for life and triathlon.

I am particularly interested in how women perform in sport, how we can empower women through sport, and adapt to the challenges that face us. Now using FitrCoach to monitor your menstrual cycle and use this to inform training.

“Through my varied experience (outdoor instructor, teacher, and coach) I have the tools to help people to achieve their goals. Find out more about me here. Having coached myself, and been coached, I have experienced going from a beginner to achieving a high level of performance, so understand what it takes to balance your life and ensure that you have time to dedicate to the things that you love.”

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