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1 week to go :-)

Race plan

I wrote my race plan for Half Outlaw this week, and felt pretty excited about it. I haven’t done the run training that I would like to, but I’m hoping my bike fitness will carry me through. I have had a few good paced runs recently so I reckon I will still be able to get my planned time goal. It’s getting to that time when I start doing displacement anxiety tasks, like writing more and more lists, and colour coding them :-p

Organised chaos

Organised chaos

I bought the book The Chimp Paradox, written by Dr Steve Peters, who I had read about in Victoria Pendleton’s autobiography. It came up on my amazon recommendations (dangerous, those are!) since it arrived I haven’t had a look in, as Patrick has hijacked it, and keeps quoting me parts of it (maybe I won’t need to read it!) Apparently its OK to make lists, phew 😉

Sea swimming

I’m aiming to get out for a sea swim once a week now the weather has warmed up. I have so far been from Saundersfoot towards Wisemans bridge and back, and Amroth, where I had a lot of help from the tide on the way back…lovely, although I did have a dream about jellyfish the night before.

Saundersfoot in the morning

Saundersfoot in the morning

Preseli Beast (beast bach)

Full Results here

I had a great race at the “Beast Bach”. I was 2nd female overall, and also got a trophy for being first local female. Race report here. The next day I went out to practise for the 4 up time trial in 3 weeks time, we rode for a couple of hours, each taking turns at the front, my legs can really feel it now, ouch…time to recover before next Sunday I think!