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Launched in 2021 Female specific, group coaching 

£47/month OR £470 for the year

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Rhiannon says:


“I cannot recommend Love The Rain Coaching enough. The personalised plans, technology, data, live sessions, Q&A’s.

The Knowledge and experience Celia has is on another level of anyone I’ve come across in this sport.

Specifically designed around women and our bodies, we are not small men”


Felicity says:


Group coaching is designed for female athletes like you, who want to work with their body, to perform better.

• As a female athlete I wanted to create a unique environment for women to train together, and learn about how their physiology affects their training, and motivation, throughout their lives.

• From pre-menopause, through peri-menopause, and post menopause.

• We also get to discuss the things that matter to female athletes.

• Team Love The Rain is a fast growing community of female athletes who support each other and share the highs and lows of training.

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How it works

The group triathlon training program includes membership to Team Love The Rain, and scaled workouts that adapt to the demands of your life. I give you the tools to adjust your training load to fit your schedule and the time you have available for training. The training is thoughtfully designed so I can accommodate athletes of all skill level and abilities. You can adjust the training sessions relative to your abilities and fitness levels in swimming, biking and running. You will also learn how your body responds differently at different times in your life to training, and the plans will reflect that.

Membership to Team Love The Rain

Team Love The Rain, is a group of female triathletes who want to get the best from themselves and are ready to support each other on their triathlon journey. The team includes beginners to masters athletes, and you can meet at our weekly zoom turbo session, and at Q&A sessions run by Celia, your coach. You can join the free membership below to get a feel for the platform we are using.

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Female specific group coaching

Your Training Plan is delivered via Today’s Plan. Today’s Plan is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows you to manage your schedule and track your training data on your mobile device or computer.

When do I get to see my training? Your training is delivered in 2 week blocks, and there is scope to move sessions around and adapt them to suit your life.

 Female specific group coaching.

Foundation phase

  • Strong foundation you will begin by building a strong foundation and routine of training. This will prepare you for increased training load when you get closer to your key events.
  • Strength training your plan will include strength sessions, to help you build resilience to injury, and to improve your performance. It is especially important when women approach peri-menopause and menopause, as you need to maintain lean mass.
  • Reset sessions I know you are busy, and recovery/time out for yourself becomes a low priority, but it is essential for managing stress levels, and improving your adaptation to training. That is why reset sessions are included in your plan.

Check out a reset here

Build phase

Female specific group coaching
  • Build your endurance During this phase we start to build on the strong foundation that you have from the previous block.
  • Work on your efficiency You will start to include more race like intervals, the intensity will be determined by the race distance that you are aiming for.
  • Learn as you go Integrated videos will explain the session in more detail, and I will be giving tips and information on how to complete the session to the best of your ability.

Race phase

  • Specialise As you get closer to your goal race, we make sessions reflect your race, get you to practise pacing, and feel strong and confident.
  • Shed fatigue The closer you get to your goal race the fresher you need to feel. You will start to decrease your training load as you approach your race and get ready to perform at your best.
  • Have a plan I have resources for you to plan your best race, feel prepared and ready to be the strong fearless athlete you are meant to be.

Geek out 🤓

Todays Plan has great analytics, and you have access to your performance data, so that you can see your progression. We can dive into how to use the data in Q&A sessions, so no need to worry if you are new to training.

  • Track your recovery  You can integrate with HRV4 to see how you are recovering from sessions, and input subjective data on how a session felt so that you can track how you adapt to training.
  • See your progress  You can see how your pace or power improves over time, using the dashboard in Todays Plan.
  • Check your compliance Did you hit your session targets? You can easily see if you completed the session well, using the analysis tool.


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