Triathlon Coaching 2023-24.

Train smarter, so that you can perform at your best.

Are you overwhelmed by advice, and struggling to adapt your plan to fit your life?


  • Do you end up confused about what to prioritise, and playing “catch up”?


  • Are you looking for more than a “one size fits all” approach?


  • Are you a female athlete who wants specific woman-centred advice, from a coach who understands female physiology?


  • Are you looking for coaching that gets you the best results?



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Launched in 2021 group coaching.


Find out more about group coaching

Join LTR coaching today, and start training more efficiently to get the results you are capable of.

Opt for my one to one package below, or check out my group coaching option above.





What’s included Premium Monthly Plan £197/month   Consultation £497 one off
Choose this plan if: You want regular feedback, a plan that can be adapted at short notice, and need advice and analysis of data Eg power meter, heart rate etc.   You are happy to follow a set plan without additional input from a coach.
Strength Training Periodized strength training plan included.   None
Initial Consultation Included   Included
Membership to Team Love The Rain Included. Join the free version here   N/A. Join the free version here
Updates to plans Daily if needed   None, but available as an add on.
Fitr woman app integration Included   N/A
Nutritional Advice General advice given, and guidance included in all key race plans.   None
Communication Catch up monthly by, email/phone,Zoom, depending on what suits.
Feedback given on sessions, and analysis of data. Instant messaging for queries about sessions etc
  Initial consultation only
Partner Discount Discount on selected power meters at Cycle Power Meters   None
Personal Training Plan Annual training plan mapping out the season and key events. Online training plan delivered via Todays Plan. Premium Account included.   Online training plan delivered via Todays Plan.
Race Planning Advice and personalised guidance given with race plans for multiple events.   None
Discount on Training Camps 20% Discount on training weekends (as available)   5% Discount on training weekends (as available)
Updates to plans As needed    
Pricing £197 per month (minimum 3 month commitment)   £497 one off 6 months plan
Apply here Contact LTR   Contact LTR


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