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An interesting week, and RTTC national time trial

This arrived through the post on Monday. After driving back from Wimbleball on Sunday I had a cursory glance and left it on the table for a week

Just what I always wanted

Just what I always wanted

I had an easy week and did nothing until Thursday. I entered this Time Trial when I was tapering, and full of energy. At the time I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea, but I thought I’d give it a try. Time Trials are great for improving fitness! My start time was 2.46pm (not used to such a late start and only having to remember my bike… a revelation!) So I left home, got to Penblewin roundabout and realised I had left my Garmin at home charging :-0. I always seem to remember something I forgot on that roundabout! Anyway I arrived in plenty of time to drive the course, which was very well signed and marshalled in any case.

Start list

Start list

I signed on at the village hall and helped pin numbers on someone and vice versa. Everyone was very friendly and asked my name and introduced themselves. I had a chat with someone I knew and then went to the car park to get ready, where I chatted with another woman about saddles and chafing, as you do! I was trying something different and set my garmin to beep when I went under a certain wattage, (normally I set it to beep when its above) In retrospect I should have set it 10Watts lower! I went off feeling good, and was overtaken within the first 5 miles. There were people dotted along the course clapping, which was nice. The dual carriageway seemed to go on for a long time (this is the first 50 mile TT I have done) It was a relief to turn off onto the old road, and I knew it was not far to the turn around point. At the turn around point it all changed, the wind was against us and I started to struggle to hold my power, then the dual carriageway just seemed to go on for ever. I was overtaken by several people (stopped counting). I got to the lap point and almost dropped out, but thought I’ll just try and finish, forget about the power. I turned my beeping pest of a Garmin off, and got my head down. I got to the point of no return and was now starting to get uncomfortable in my aero position, had to stretch out a couple of times and was really struggling, it was like the road to hell. I kept wondering why I was riding up a dual carriageway in pain, when I could be at home relaxing! (maybe not, its amazing what you’ll do to get away from the kids for a bit!) I dragged myself to the finish and then to add insult to injury I had to cycle back to the start, which also seemed to take a lot longer on the way back! Many people had parked in a closer lay-by. This was the most mentally challenging race I have done, and I am amazed at the women who do this regularly, well done everyone! Much harder than my race last weekend.

Full results are here, amazing times!

Couldn't take it!

Couldn’t take it!

Finish times, not quite last!

Finish times, not quite last!

I had to get back home to my understanding husband, so didn’t stay for the prize giving, it looked like there was some good cake though! I did an average of 20.4mph so I was quite pleased that I got over 20, I was aiming for that. Drove home and had to stop the car in a lay-by near Resolven as I thought I was going to throw up (didn’t thankfully) Got home and dumped everything in the doorway, could not even be bothered to open the garage.

Left in the doorway

Left in the doorway

And the next day this awaited me!!!

Tidy up time!

Tidy up time!

So would I do it again? Who knows! Never say never 🙂 Some great photo’s here. and another report. At least I got a good photo though!!


1 week and tapering please donate

With a week to go I have spent the week tapering. The trouble with tapering is that I have had more time to think and worry that;

1 I’ve set my goal too high

2 I should have tried harder in my training

3 I’m losing all my fitness

So, to distract me

1 I have been obsessively putting numbers in to tri calculator.

(As I have never done a race of this distance before I have no idea how I will cope, and I know its hilly so will have to watch my power output A LOT, I think going for a top 10 position in my age group is a little over ambitious, but….we’ll see. It depends on the day. I also realised that I have been reducing my goal time. At the start of the year it was 6h30, then I changed it to 6h15 and I have put on my homepage 6h10!!)

2 Pimping my bike so that at least I feel like a pro 😉

3 Gardening in the sun

I’d also like to remind everyone who has been reading my blog that I am dedicating this race to Sulien Luckman, who died tragically earlier this year.

A trust has been set up to commemorate his life, and is going to;

  • support young people who may need a little help to realise their full potential in life.
  • fund outdoor activities for boys.
  • give grants to support or develop local services to encourage boys to develop their nurturing side.
  • fund local services for families who have experienced child loss.

Please donate here, and if you have donated please fill out the contact form, on here as I’d like to say thanks. So until next time, I say goodye x wish me luck!!

The Slateman, and rushing around panicking.

Things I learnt this week,

1. Rushing around trying to solve problems often gets you back where you started.

2. I need to drink and eat more on the bike.

3. Tapering works, racing when tired doesn’t.

I have just finished my hardest block of training, and entered The Slateman as a practise race,  before Wimbleball. Last week I was pretty tired, I think the weekend away and some harder training had taken its toll. I started panicking on Tuesday, as my bike had been making a creaking sound, so I tried to get it sorted. To cut a long story short this involved me driving back and forth to Penally swapping wheels, and finding out that it wasn’t the wheel at all and ending up with the wheel that I started off with. I took the bike out on a training ride on Thursday and no creaking 🙂

Before the rain and thunder started

Before the rain and thunder started

We drove up to Llanberis on Friday after school, and arrived at 9pm, got the tent up and had a drink with some friends. I had about 4 hours sleep after going to bed late and having freezing cold feet, then the boys waking up at 5 in the morning! We spent a lovely day going round Caernarfon castle until the wind picked up and it got cold, so back to the tent and then out for food. The race was the next day so we had a bit of an early night, and woke up to much better weather. The race was amazing, much harder than I thought, the run was a killer, you can read the full race report here

One more to collect!

One more to collect!