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Celia was very sympathetic and understanding of life getting in the way of training and also very knowledgeable of women in endurance sport. Looking at menstrual cycles and explaining why I’d be feeling the way I was and why my performance wasn’t the best it could have been. She helped me understand that women are completely different to men when it comes to endurance training. Also she had been there and done it so understood the issues and questions I would have and gave explanations in such a way that made me realise that we are all human and we experience similar if not the same issues when training for a big event. Sara Gillett: Ironman Wales competitor

“Celia 100% helped me to achieve my goals. Without her coaching I couldn’t have achieved so much around a demanding and varied job. She fully engaged with me as an individual and did whatever she could to help me develop. Training was always varied and focused and her feedback was always positive and helped me understand how I could best progress. Training load was always realistic and she adapted it as necessary, often at short notice without compromising my development. I can’t recommend her enough. I’ll be back next year!”   Mark Hall: Ironman Wales competitor

“I didn’t think I would enjoy being told what to do, but it’s good to follow a plan with backup behind you telling you where you are going wrong, or just that positive reinforcement that you sometimes need (something that Celia is very good at, thank you!)” Tracey Sharratt Half Brutal competitor

“8 weeks into my triathlon training programme & so impressed with what I am getting. Celia is very calm, listens, gives good feedback & clearly knows what she is doing as I can feel the difference her approach is making. Every session has a focus (even the days off!). I made a great decision to engage LTRcoaching.” David Astins: European and World Championship competitor

“I found all of the information I was given really useful, and my understanding of how to fuel for training improved dramatically. I have made changes that I feel make a real difference to my training sessions as I am more prepared beforehand and recover well afterwards.”Rachel Ellis: Ironman Wales competitor, nutrition consultation

” I have found your coaching and training plans so beneficial. I went into this whole thing (Ironman Wales) totally blind and rudderless and your advice and detailed training plans got me to a point that I thought was never possible, becoming an Ironman.
I will, and already have, recommended you to people and I would definitely use you again should I (or my family!) sign up to do another crazy sporting exploit!
Even when I lost my Garmin in the swim I just remembered the coaching and advice you gave me and at no point did I panic, knowing that you’d got me to the point where my fitness and technique would get me through. Thank you Celia.” Steve Plumb: Ironman Wales competitor

“Excellent service, which I felt was tailored to my needs as an individual character and athlete. Highly recommend! Thank you” Ellie Jones: Ironman Wales competitor

“Thanks for your help, advice, reassuring and sanity checks” Justin Gill: Ironman Wales competitor

“I changed jobs soon after receiving the plan which led to having far less free time per week to train. However, I tried to hit the main endurance targets each week, the plan worked well for me as I hit the Ironman feeling strong and confident. I knocked nearly an hour off my previous IM time (with a nutrition issue on the day). If I had the time and money I’d love to know how quick I could be under the full guidance of LTR!” Tim Plumb: Ironman Wales competitor

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