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2 Weeks and feeling stronger

After last weeks illness I had a “moment” and entered a 50 mile time trial which is in Abergavenny the week after Wimbleball. It is also the national championships, and was sold to me easily when presented as a “brilliant opportunity” 😮 Anyway I will put that to the back of my mind as I am concentrating all my efforts on tapering for the big day. Finally I have seen some progress, and am feeling a lot more positive, I did a hill rep session on Wednesday and had an increase in average power of about 10-15 watts per rep. The week being ill and resting obviously did some good!

Hill reps 5 min intervals April 2013

Hill reps 5 min intervals April 2013

Hill Reps 5 min intervals May2013

Hill Reps 5 min intervals May2013

I have now written my race plan, which I won’t share (don’t want to give all my secrets away!) And written an extensive tick list, I do love a list 😉 Had an amazing swim from Saundersfoot to Wisemans bridge, then I ran back to meet the boys in Saundersfoot.

Thats me, that is!

Thats me, that is!

The weather has finally changed and I’m hoping its going to be good for 2 weeks time! Fingers crossed…

We had a fantastic day at the Pendine Fun run on Sunday to support Suliens trust  Patrick and Devon ran, and I took the photo’s for a change! The weather was beautiful, dare I say it….summer here at last??

Start of the kids 2km race

Start of the kids 2km race

3 weeks to go and a cold

Well after Slateman I have had a hard week. I started off my training on Tuesday with a short swim, and then started to feel a bit ill on Wednesday, I wasn’t sure whether to run so I did an easy recovery run round the woods, it was either that or sleep on the sofa, in retrospect I should have slept on the sofa!! On Wednesday night I went to bed early and woke up Thursday feeling rough again, so no training. On Friday I was due to do a cycle ride but still felt under the weather so I decided to go on a long walk instead. It was very windy, so I’m quite glad I wasn’t out on the bike, besides I want to feel 100% for my next session so a few days off won’t do any harm! The walk was lovely and nice to get some fresh air, after feeling like I’d been moping round the house for a few days. Here are some pictures

Green woods

Green woods

Other than that I have had to satisfy myself by watching the Tim Don video giving some advice for the Wimbleball! Trying not to get too annoyed about my phone showing me lots of strava crowns being taken (you can tell its the bank holiday!)

Lost QOM's

Lost QOM’s

researching Ben Greenfield then feeling like I’ve been doing it all wrong, and panic buying a sun visor, a sun visor?? I ask you? I’m sure it will probably rain, but at least I’ve had practise at that :-)

5 weeks and first race next weekend

Back to a “normal” week this week, after the excitement of going away. I did my first Time Trial this week on a windy Wednesday, was slower than last year, but quite pleased with my pacing! Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 19.25.07

Had a long ride on Friday to avoid the rain on Thursday, and took a few pictures before going up Pendine Hill, always hard, the hill not taking pics 😉


It looked a bit sunnier than this when I was there!! Nice to see the bluebells out though. Looking forward to The slateman triathlon next weekend in Llanberis, I’m hoping the lake will have warmed up a little bit by then! Lyn Padarn brrr..


What a week! (6 weeks to go)


Had a great week last week, my first open water swim at Amroth beach, I got a very cold face at first but then swam down the beach and back against the current, as you can see from Garmin!!Image

Mountain Biking

At the weekend my mum looked after the boys and we did the Dyfi Enduro  in Machynlleth, we drove up on Saturday and camped Saturday and Sunday night. We did the event last year, but didn’t finish (injured husband). This year he trained and we finished, had a great time there’s a lovely atmosphere at the event and its nice not to be competitive for a change!!


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